Emily’s story: EITC “was a huge blessing” — “kept our family from becoming homeless”

11878972_10207419450307127_1841803118477502795_o“Two years ago, my family was in jeopardy of becoming homeless due to job loss until we received the Earned Income Tax Credit. I was a college student raising our little boy, my husband was newly unemployed, and we found ourselves with three weeks to find a new place. With no income and little savings, we knew we needed to file our tax return so that we could use the refund to find housing. We visited a free tax preparer through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program who told us that we qualified to receive a tax credit for low-income workers. We learned that the amount of the credit would make up more than half of our refund. This enabled us to put a deposit on an apartment.”

“Receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit was a huge blessing. It made the difference that kept our family from becoming homeless. Since then, I have finished school and my husband found a new job. My family is doing better now, thanks in part to the EITC.”

“The EITC helps millions of families in often small but always significant ways. I am grateful for the supplement it provides to my income and the difference it can make in my kids’ lives.” 

 –                                                                                                            Emily, Salt Lake County

EITC Provides Security for Hard-Working Families

Matt , CherieeDSC_0137, and their three children ages 11, 9, and 2, live in a small Taylorsville apartment today but are about to move into their first home. This exciting event comes from years of hard work and saving money. Matt is thrilled to have recently received a promotion at work into a supervisory position which allows Cheriee to be at home for their kids. And the extra financial support they receive through the EITC and the CTC not only provides a little breathing room in their budget, but has also allowed them to save money for a down payment on a home.

“We are so very grateful [for the EITC]. We try our hardest but live very tightly to our budget. Hopefully we will move up and not need the EITC, but we will always be grateful to feel safe and comfortable knowing we have money in our saving thanks to the EITC.” – Cheriee

A Growing Family Saves for the Future

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 1.02.37 PMDavin and Chanté are very busy these days – and about to get even busier. Their 18-month-old son, Rendon, is about to have a little brother or sister! While Chanté is a works hard as a full-time mom, Davin provides for his family as a high school Spanish teacher. This young family from Davis County is doing all they can to budget their money carefully to make sure they can provide the best possible future for their children. This year the EITC and CTC helped them pay off a small student loan and put money in savings to work towards purchasing a home for their growing family.

“Even a couple hundred extra dollars goes a long way,  just to have it in savings in case there is a medical emergency…or [to save to] buy a home.” – Davin

Layton Mom Grateful for Opportunities EITC Provides


As an employee of the police department and a single mom of two energetic children, Jackie carries a tremendous amount of responsibility. She feels incredibly fortunate to have the extra financial resources to provide as much as possible to her family to keep them safe and secure. Jackie wants to make sure that her children have access to as many learning opportunities as possible, and the EITC helps her provide those opportunities to her 9 and 7-year-old kids.

“I was blown away last year when I saw the impact the EITC made on my return. It gave me the opportunity to provide lessons and opportunities that I couldn’t previously afford for my children. It’s also such a relief to know I have savings in case of an emergency and to cover unexpected expenses.”

Extra Security When Raising A Family

2015-02-14 10.51.19 Jennifer+RogerRodriguez from MagnaProviding for four growing children while going to college is no easy task, but the hard work will be worth it for Jennifer when she finishes her training to become a surgical technician. Her husband, Roger, drives truck locally full-time and has been a valued employee of the same company for several years. Jennifer works part-time at a dental clinic, volunteers at a free health clinic as a phlebotomist, and attends school at Salt Lake Community College. With all that going on, this Magna couple still makes sure they have time for family with their children ranging in age from 4 to 16. The EITC and CTC have been a wonderful blessing for this busy family as it provides some additional financial security when times are tight.

“[The value of the EITC is] feeling financially stable, knowing that I have a back-up if I need it and that I can provide my kids with clothes and food since I have that money there.” – Jennifer

Family and Friends – and the EITC – Help a Provo Mom Back on Her Feet.

photo 1Although Ada is technically an “empty nester,” she supports her son in college and tries to help out her older children and her grandchildren as well. After a divorce and a long struggle with a chronic illness, Ada is finally starting to “raise [herself] up financially.” She has been working for a major airline for over a year now and enjoys her job very much. When you talk to Ada you know within a few minutes how important her family is to her and how much their love and support has helped her through the last few difficult years. The EITC she received this year played a big role in her goal to work towards paying off a small student loan and some leftover medical bills from her illness.

“With this extra money I received, I hope to pay my school loan back, my medical bills, and give some money to my son for school. I do appreciate the program and people that help me with my taxes and hope in the future to establish myself in a better situation.” – Ada

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